I’m Dora, a twenty-something Boston-based writer, hummus addict and a steadfast disciple of the triple bottom line philosophy. During my last year of college, I ran the Conscious Collegiette blog to document my transition to buying fashion ethically on a college budget. Since graduating, I’ve moved onto exploring broader topics through Generation Conscious.

Generation Conscious is a collection of my thoughts and experiences as I explore what it means to be a conscious consumer and citizen of the planet. In addition to documenting my personal journey to living a lower-impact life in the city, I hope to use this platform to showcase innovative people, stories and ideas that are making our lives more sustainable for each other and the planet.

Generation Conscious” is not associated with any age, race, gender, political affiliation or economic status. Rather, it’s a term that unifies all who an share an interest in achieving a more transparent and socially positive world.

If you are interested in suggesting content, contributing content, recommending an interviewee (or being interviewed), please email gen.conscious@gmail.com. For all other inquiries, please email – yes, you guessed it – gen.conscious@gmail.com.